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Happily Married but Living Separately (Episode #60 with Lise Stoessel)

Episode #60 comes to you from sunny Andalusia, Spain. Have you ever wondered if your relationship would improve if you lived in separate houses? Today we'll talk to a couple who did just that…and saved their marriage!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Lots of people tell us they can't imagine our life of constant togetherness as we live, travel, and work together around the world.

That might be true, but let's imagine the opposite.

Can you imagine maintaining your relationship while living in separate houses? Many couples do this for practical reasons, like work, but we're talking to a couple today who did it to save their marriage.

After 23 years Lise and her husband were headed for a divorce when they decided to make a last-ditch attempt to make it work. Seven years later, they're still going strong with two separate house keys. You can learn more about her story and her book, as well as enjoy links to articles, interviews and TV spots, on her website: www.lisestrykerstoessel.com.

Want to hear how they do it? So did we!