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Have you ever experienced a lag in your sex drive, or that of your partner? Have you found that the frequency or passion in your sex life has waned a bit?

In today's conversation we reveal our own personal struggles with a lagging labido and one approach we've used to help rekindle the spark. We're talking about how erotica can provide a fun addition to the bedroom.

We're delighted to be joined this week by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a writer focusing on sex, dating, books and pop culture. She's edited over 50 anthologies including Hungry for More, The Big Book of Orgasms, The Big Book of Submission, Fast Girls, Women in Lust and more, and teaches erotic writing workshops online and across the United States. She's currently on book tour. Find out more at rachelkramerbussel.com and follow her @raquelita on Twitter.

Programming Note: Today’s guest called in from her vacation in rural Vermont and we had a spectacular conversation. The sound quality is not as good as usual, but the content is invaluable and we know you’re going to like this one! Now, on with the show.