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I Married a Romance Writer (Episode #55 with Melissa and Les Foster)

Episode 55 comes to you from the Andalucia region of Spain.

We're talking about romance and writing this week. We share how we almost wrote our own romance novel, but decided instead to share our story. We give you a glimpse into our upcoming book (Married with Luggage: What We Learned About Love by Traveling the World) and how it came to be.

What would it be like to be married to a romance writer?

Today we get the scoop from a best-selling author and her husband. We're chatting with best-selling author Melissa Foster and her husband Les to learn how they bring romance from the pages of her books to their bedroom. Or is it the other way around? Find out more about Melissa's books at MelissaFoster.com.

We dive into this and more in this sexy episode.

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