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Spicing Up Your Sex Life (Episode #57 with Cecilie Kjensli)

Episode 57 comes to you from the sunny Andalucia region of Spain. Today we're talking about how to climb out of a sexual valley in a long-term relationship. It's gonna get spicy! We admit that we blushed often during this show, but know how important it is to share so we're anxious to put this one out there.

This is our most raw show yet so if you are concerned with the details you may want to skip this episode. You may find out more about us than you want to know.

Today's episode is our first, but certainly not last, time to dive into the realm of sexual intimacy. It's an important topic in any relationship, especially for long-term couples who may find their desire dropping and are seeking that "spark" to get things going again.

Our delightful guide and guest for this show is Cecilie Kjensli, a top sex educator and speaker in Norway with a mission to make sex enjoyable throughout your life. Cecilie has been dubbed the "Dildo Queen of Norway" and is a sex inspirationist providing aide to couples to improve their intimacy. To find out more about her products and services, check out CecilieKjensli.no. And don't worry - Google will translate the whole page to English for you with just one click!

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