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Fighting Your Way Around the World - Episode #51

NOTE: this episode was recorded in less than ideal surroundings so the quality is not ideal. We love the message and wanted to share with you despite it sounding like we were in the bottom of a well.

Episode 51 comes to you from the Andalucia region of Spain . Today we're talking about how travel together without fighting…or at least without fighting so bad you ruin your trip!

What was your biggest fight ever? Did you have an audience? Would you be willing to share the story with the world? In this episode we dive into something every couple faces - fighting. We share our own biggest fight ever as well as the tips we employ now to reduce or eliminate as many disagreements as possible. We continue to improve, but fighting is still a part of our relationship as we both come at problems from different perspectives.

Today we're chatting with Mike and Luci of 1000Fights.com. Together they run one of the leading couple's travel blogs - 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die and affectionately call themselves the Fighting Couple.  They have visited forty countries on 5 continents.  Today they will encourage you to travel together to recharge and reclaim their relationship.

It's a conversation full of funny revelations and tips for helping you get through your own fights more successfully. We know you're going to love it.

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