If you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed by your status quo that you can’t even figure out a way to add GOOD things into your life, you need this weekly podcast. Hosts Betsy & Warren Talbot know how to remove what's not working so you can have more of what you love.

Why is it so hard to get started? You spend hours daydreaming about the results you want, but you can’t seem to find 5 minutes to actually take action. You know you want it. You know it’s good for you. And still, you can’t seem to get started.

This is episode 177, and today you’ll discover how to get started on anything. Yes, it’s a pretty big promise. But if you give us 30 minutes, we’ll deliver.

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Do Betsy and I really walk the talk with these weekly episodes? You betcha! Today we’re back with the final episode in this behind-the-scenes series of what our uncluttered life looks like. Today’s topic: HEALTH. 
If you wonder what an uncluttered life looks like in action,  be sure to catch all the episodes in this behind-the-scenes series. We’re opening up our lives and showing how we got to this Plan A Life because YOU asked for it! Check out episodes 173-176 for an insider look at our personal life, how we work, where we spend our money, and now today’s episode about how we take care of our bodies.
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Curious about what life looks like when you take all these weekly lessons and put them into practice? Good news! We’re back with the 3rd episode in this behind-the-scenes series of what our uncluttered life looks like. Today’s topic: MONEY. 


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What does our uncluttered business look like? How did we get here, and why do we do it? Stay tuned for an inside look at how our work actually works! 

This is episode 174, and in Part 2 of this series on what our uncluttered life looks like, we’re taking you inside our business. Find out what goes on behind the microphone and why we do what we do. Let the peeking begin!

Recently we sent an email to 4000 people asking about the one thing they were struggling with right now. We answered every single response with 3 specific actions they could take to overcome their roadblock. Guess what happened next?

This is episode 172, and today you’ll discover how YOU are potentially your biggest obstacle when it comes to achieving your Plan A Life.

We’ve all been there - burning the candle at both ends,  drinking too much wine, eating your weight in chocolate, or working yourself to the bone. However, if you don’t get back on track quickly, these overindulgences can all too easily become your new normal. And that’s no way to reach your Plan A Life.

This is episode 171, and today you’ll discover the 5-step method for getting back to normal after you’ve overdone it, fallen off the wagon, or have discovered you are in the middle of a binge.

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Victor Frankl,  Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, once said “Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  Today we’re jumping into that space to discover how this choice can can help you achieve the life you want.

This is episode 170, and today you’ll discover the difference between areactionto an event and your response to it. Plus, you’ll learn the technique that will forever change the way you deal with stressful situations and shift from knee-jerk reaction to thoughtful action.

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Brene Brown, the author of Daring Greatly, says that people who are walking around as perfectionists are ultimately afraid that the world is going to see them for who they really are and that they won’t measure up. Does that describe you? If so, stay tuned.

This is episode 169, and today you’ll discover why perfectionism will prevent you from living your Plan A Life and how to get real with your life.

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AUL #168 - How to create a routine which supports the life you want

Routine is boring, right? Well, it is if you aren’t doing what you love! Imagine a daily routine that supported your lifestyle goals and helped you create a life you love. Now that’s not boring at all!

This is episode 168, and today you’ll discover how to create a non-boring routine that you’ll be excited to follow every single day as you create your Plan A Life.

What do other people have to do with your self-discipline? Plenty! No one succeeds 100% on their own, and without a team of support and accountability, you’ll struggle to create lasting change even if you have the self-discipline of a saint. 

This is episode 167, and today you’ll discover why you need the support and accountability of other people to build up your self-discipline and—most importantly!—how to get it.

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