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Curating Your Life Experiences - Episode #85 with Joel Zaslofsky

In the moment we always believe we’ll remember the events from our life just as vividly as when they happen. But inevitably, with time we find that the memories fade and the details become less crisp and often impossible to recall.

For us, this creates challenges as we try to write about our experiences in the future. We struggle to recall specific feelings we were having or people we met in particular situations. When we bought our house in Spain we knew we wanted to document the process for a future book and so we explored how best to capture all of this to use later. On today's show we're sharing how we are capturing these experiences and how you can use the same techniques in your own life.

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We've decided to follow our passion (pun intended) and embark on a completely new project. This episode we give you a behind the scene look into how a tiny idea grew from a conversation on a hike into a completely new endeavor for us.

We share why we're writing a romance novel. It's a fun conversation in which we reveal the project we've been working on the last few months and how we are enjoying this adventure into a new type of writing. Listen in as Betsy shares what it was like to write her first sex scene and Warren auditions to be a character in her next book.

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Does the idea of "housework harmony" actually exist? That is the question which seems to plague many of the couples we come across. It seem inevitable one person feels that an undue amount of the load falls to them while their partner seems to shirk the entire concept. In today's show we talk about how to achieve more harmony in the relationship and why this imbalance is bigger than simply a disdain for doing laundry. The problem comes down to a fundamental difference between the sexes.

What We've Learned from 4 Years of Traveling Together - Episode #82

Four years ago today we left on our journey around the world after two years of saving and downsizing. Whew! It was an amazing feeling, followed quickly by our first big challenge of discovering there was a coup attempt happening that very moment in our first destination.

Yes, you read that right. A coup d'etat attempt happened on the day we left, in the country we were flying into. Without a home or jobs to return to, we had to quickly decide if we were ready for a life of such uncertainty and change.

In today's show we talk about how we felt about ourselves, each other, and our lifestyle back then and compare it to today, with plenty of juicy stories thrown in for good measure. We loved recording this episode, and we think you'll enjoy it, too.

How to go from Lovers to Soulmates (Podcast #81 with Mali Apple and Joe Dunn)

On today's show we share our insights on the subject of soulmates (which we usually call "partners") and whether they just happen or take work to build. You can probably guess our response to that. Then we're joined by our guests, who talk about what it takes to create and sustain a soulmate experience for a lifetime.

The First Step to Living Your Dream: Know What It Is (Episode #80 )

There is barely a day that goes by that we do not receive an email or message on our Facebook page asking how to begin creating the life of your dreams. The questions come from all over the world so this is clearly a common issue faced by many.

In this episode we share our own experience and steps we took to create the life we wanted from the life we already had. It took many years and dedicated work, but the result was a saved marriage and the opportunity to follow our dream together.

We share how we got started in the earliest stages in order to help you, dear listener, follow in our footsteps. It is a fun overview of how we got started on this wild ride along with practical steps to help you in the process.

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Have you ever experienced a lag in your sex drive, or that of your partner? Have you found that the frequency or passion in your sex life has waned a bit?

In today's conversation we reveal our own personal struggles with a lagging labido and one approach we've used to help rekindle the spark. We're talking about how erotica can provide a fun addition to the bedroom.

We're delighted to be joined this week by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a writer focusing on sex, dating, books and pop culture. She's edited over 50 anthologies including Hungry for More, The Big Book of Orgasms, The Big Book of Submission, Fast Girls, Women in Lust and more, and teaches erotic writing workshops online and across the United States. She's currently on book tour. Find out more at rachelkramerbussel.com and follow her @raquelita on Twitter.

Programming Note: Today’s guest called in from her vacation in rural Vermont and we had a spectacular conversation. The sound quality is not as good as usual, but the content is invaluable and we know you’re going to like this one! Now, on with the show. 

Money is one of the top 5 areas couples fight about the most. We know. We've been there. Whether it stems from different goals, different ways we were raised, or our trust of the other person how we approach our finances is a huge issue for many of us.

Today's episode we broach the subject and provide ideas and recommendations for how to talk about money calmly and constructively. We even share our own dirty laundry and the challenges we faced when we first started out.

To help us tackle this difficult topic we are delighted to be joined on the show by finance expert and speaker Debbie Whitlock. Debbie teaches women how to create lives of significance beyond the financial success they can create. The co-author of Incredible Life and host of two popular radio programs, Femme Finance and Femmenation, Debbie combines the worlds of personal growth and financial growth to "create the prosperity and good fortune you deserve.” You can listen to Debbie’s radio shows, Femme Finance and Femmenation, every week on KKNW 1150 AM in Seattle or anywhere in the world via the links at DebbieWhitlock.com.

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The Secrets to a Happy Relationship (Episode #77 with Fawn Weaver)

What makes a happy relationship? In this episode we delve into this complex topic and provide practical ideas that we've used ourselves to create what we feel is a happy partnership. 

Plus, we're joined by author Fawn Weaver, who was unsatisfied with the boilerplate answers to happiness of "better communication" and "spend more time together". So, to find out the answer for herself, she traveled to 12 countries on 6 continents in search of happy wives and their secrets. She's here to discuss what she found and what the revealed in the NY Times bestseller, The Happy Wives Club.

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Is Middle-Aged Love Still Hot?  (Podcast #76: with author Jenna McCarthy)

In this episode we're challenging the myth that relationships (and sex) get dull the longer you are in them. As two middle-aged people ourselves (holy crap, when did that happen?) we dish on why we've never been more attracted to each other and what we do regularly to keep it fresh.

We're joined today by the hysterical and fantastic, Jenna McCarthy. She's back for her second appearance on the podcast. Remember back in episode #46 when she told us to treat our spouses like dogs? Yes, that’s good advice, and if you missed the show, go back and listen to what she means by that. She'll teach us all that relationships certainly don't need to get boring.