If you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed by your status quo that you can’t even figure out a way to add GOOD things into your life, you need this weekly podcast. Hosts Betsy & Warren Talbot know how to remove what's not working so you can have more of what you love.

On this week's show we're talking all about freedom and how to create more of it to do the things you want most in your life. . The first step is to identify what you want freedom from, and for many of us it is the stuff filling every space in our homes.

Decluttering is more than simply going through a series of steps, we must first deal with that feeling of just not knowing where to start. The emotions of parting with items that mean something to you, as well as the logistics of how to sell and dispose of all that stuff. We tackle it all in the conversation and are excited as well to be offering a solution.

This week we are pleased to launch a new offering, Declutter Clinic, specifically designed to help you create the freedom you desire. This 4 week course provides a step-by-step plan to jumping in and decluttering your home and life. We're also sharing how we reached the point where we HAD to declutter as well as introduce you to others who have made big changes in their lives after removing the clutter. 

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