If you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed by your status quo that you can’t even figure out a way to add GOOD things into your life, you need this weekly podcast. Hosts Betsy & Warren Talbot know how to remove what's not working so you can have more of what you love.

Episode 43 comes to you from the beautiful Andalucia region of Spain. In this, the last show of 2013, we're going to show you how we conduct our annual review cycle. We share our own process by looking back at 2013 - the good, the bad, and the exciting. It's been a big year, and we dish on what has gone great as well as what could have been better in our lives, our relationship, and our business. Then we share one big goal each for the year to come.

In this episode we provide you an inside look into the annual review process we've done together for the last 10 years and walk through the outline to implement this valuable process in your own life. 

Plus, you can find out how Warren shocks Betsy with a sexy revelation during the episode.

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Episode 42 coming to you from the hills of Lubrin in the beautiful Andalucia region of Spain.

Since starting this podcast we've received dozens of questions about our life of traveling, working, and living together 24/7. Today we are answering questions from our readers and listeners to the podcast. We're addressing questions about:

  • How to get your partner to follow your big dream (perhaps the most frequent question we receive)
  • Saying goodbye to friends and family to follow your heart
  • Balancing work and play on the road
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • How to stop worrying about money and the future
  • Where we're spending the winter

Sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy as we share our honest feedback to your questions.

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Episode 41 coming to you from Lubrin, Spain. We're chatting today about starting a business with a crazy idea and growing it beyond your biggest dreams.

Have you ever had a big, crazy idea that you let go of after too much thinking and not enough action? We're talking about the importance of actions in going after a big goal in today's episode. We dish on how our own crazy idea of working together is working out. In addition, we're talking to an eBay guru who started her business selling shoes online and grew it into a multi-million dollar success. Listen and learn how you can take the steps in your own life towards making your big, crazy idea come true.

Our guest today, Beth Marbach, left her executive recruiting career to build DowntownGal Shoes & More, an eBay store specializing in high-end designer shoes and accessories. In a little over a decade and exclusively from her basement office, Beth sold over $4 million dollars in footwear to clients across the globe. She's currently writing a book about how she made it happen and you can sign up for updates at DowntownGal.com.

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Episode 40 coming to you from Lubrin, Spain. Today we're diving in to one of the most common questions we receive - How do you find a great partner…especially if you're over 40?

We share our tips on what attracted us to each other and how the maturity (gained from second marriages) helped to ready us for the partnership we have created. Plus, we pimp out Betsy's brother in the process.

We're joined on the show by dating guru, Ronnie Ann Ryan. She woke up on her 40th birthday and realized she might be single for the rest of her life, and she really wanted a relationship. It was at that moment she decided to turn things around. After dating 30 men in 15 months, she met her husband Paul (lucky #30!).  You can find out more about Ronnie and her books and workshops on finding love after 40 at NeverTooLate.Biz.

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We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It's a death trap." ~Sir Anthony Hopkins

Episode 39 is coming to you from Kas, Turkey. Today we're talking about how to quiet that pesky voice in your head that over thinks and over analyzes everything. Boy is this a problem with us and everyone we know. We used to do it all the time in our relationship (why did he do that? is she mad at me? what does that mean?), and now we only do it half the time. Progress!

Dr. Amy Johnson joins us again to share insights from her new book, Being Human: Essays on Thoughtmares, Bouncing Back, and Your True Nature, which is available now on Amazon or at her website at DrAmyJohnson.com.

She'll tell us why we're all over-thinking (ahem, because we're human!) and how to clear our minds as easily as we breathe. She also enlightens us on "thoughtmares," and how to dismiss them as quickly as we do nightmares.

This is a powerful episode for anyone who overthinks, overanalyzes, or just can't let go of certain thoughts. (And that pretty much includes everyone, we think. Isn't it nice to know you're not alone?)

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Episode 38 coming to you from Kas, Turkey. Today we're dishing on our taking on a big physical challenge with your partner...without killing each other.

We just completed the most demanding physical challenge we've ever attempted and we're happy to report that we survived the experience. In fact, I would say that we thrived in the face of all the challenges and demands.

In this episode we talk about our 30 day hike of the Lycian Way in Turkey together. We share the story of our worst night of camping, the beauty of being disconnected, and how we look naked now (ok. some of that may be too much information).

This was the greatest effort we've completed and we're damn proud of each other so you'll hear a bit of sloppy romantic talk as well.

For more details about our hike, we created HikeTheLycian.com. This is the website we wish we had found before the hike. We've pulled together photos, information, tips, and recommendations for anyone interested in the hike or our experience. Pass on to your friends who may be looking for some time outdoors.

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Are you confusing busyness with progress? It's an easy mistake to make, working all day long and wondering why you made no progress. Today's guest, Joel Zaslofsky, talks about why simplicity from the inside out will give you more of what you want in life. And he even taught Betsy a way she can finally love spreadsheets...

More about Joel: He is the creator of unsexy tools that result in a very sexy life. What he can teach you at  Value of Simple is to focus on what really matters in your life instead of pushing it to the side or waiting for "leftover" time.

Too busy to journal? Wondering how you'll ever finish your bucket list? Concerned about where your money is going (or not going)?

Joel has practical answers to all these questions, and you know how much we love practical tips. Check out his website, and listen in below for a great conversation about what really matters.

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Today we're talking about living as an introvert in an extrovert world. We discuss the different ways introverts and extroverts get their energy, the differences in how they approach conflict, and how we get along 24/7 as a couple with different approaches to the people around us. We share how we manage as an introvert (Betsy) and extrovert (Warren) couple and the advice which changed our perspectives completely.

We are joined on the show today by a thought leader in the area of life and leadership coaching for introverts, Beth Buelow. Beth is known as The Introvert Entrepreneur to a growing tribe of thousands of followers and fans. As a certified professional coach and a skilled interviewer, writer, facilitator and speaker, she’s recognized as . Beth is on a mission to empower introverts to understand, own and leverage their natural strengths.

Find out more about Beth and life as an introvert at TheIntrovertEntrepreneur.com.

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We are currently in the midst of our own 5 week, 509km (300 mile) walk along the Turkish coast and are enjoying the peace and comfort that comes from getting away and enjoying being close to nature. Today we're talking about the benefits of taking a nice long walk…one that takes weeks instead of hours. 

Long walks give us the opportunity to reconnect both with each other, as well as ourselves. We can walk for hours a day talking, thinking, and imagining the future. In our last walk we made some crazy plans (more on that in the podcast) and looking forward to what comes out of this adventure.

We are delighted to talk with Hillary Augustine in this episode. She has been called an innovator, poet, wordsmith, cultural engineer, and financial energizer. She works with innovators and cultural creatives to excavate stuck places and mobilize people towards wholeness and internal financial resonance. Find out more about Hillary's work at www.imexcela.com

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What happens when you find yourself waking up at midlife in a body you don't recognize? No one wants to work hard all their lives for success and then not have the health to enjoy it to the fullest. Today we're talking about the small, consistent steps towards a healthier you.

Our guest today is Debbie Whitlock, a dynamo of a woman, hosting 2 popular radio shows in Seattle and managing a large entrepreneurial networking group. She also has a world-class business coaching and training program targeting the financials of your business. Debb woke up one day and realized she had been putting her health on the back burner, and today she's sharing how she turned that around.

You can find out more about her at DebbieWhitlock.com.

There's a lot more to finishing a big race, walk, ride, or climb than bragging rights. It's the kind of feat that fuels your confidence in every area of your life.

Today is the start to our next big adventure, walking the 509 km (300 miles) of the Lycian Way in Turkey. We were lucky to connect with the woman who first linked all these ancient paths in Turkey together into one long journey, and she's here today to talk about why she did it and what you can get out of a big physical endeavor.

Our guest is Kate Clow, the originator of the Lycian Way, Turkey's first long-distance walking route as well as the St Paul Trail, in the Taurus mountains. She is British & Turkish and has been exploring Turkey's mountains for 20 years.  She is currently the head of the Culture Routes Society, a Turkish charity dedicated to making new routes, preserving old roads and assisting villagers along the routes to benefit from sustainable tourism. Kate Clow's book, The Lycian Way: Turkey's First Long Distance Walking Route, is available on Amazon and directly via CultureRoutesInTurkey.com. It is the definitive guide to hiking this epic route along the coast of Turkey. Kate, we both truly appreciate your time and dedication to introducing us to this new adventure.

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Episode #31 is coming to you from Istanbul, Turkey: Today we're talking about how to merge your experience and goals to build a dream.

You don't have to start from scratch or throw out your past to create a new future. Most of what has gone into building who you are now can be repurposed to create what you want to be in the future.

Our guest today is Nathan Agin, a seasoned actor who has now gone into producer mode to create and host a television show about finding healthy food no matter where you are. Nathan has figured out how to be healthy anywhere, and is sharing his insights on how he went from actor, to world traveler, to starting his own cooking show.

Find out more about Nathan at NonstopAwesomeness.me.

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Starting something big is a time filled with excitement, fear, joy, fun, and endless possibilities. We're talking about the moment when you commit to a big life change (going after a big dream) and the emotions and considerations that go into it.

To help us explore this subject, we're joined on the show by a couple who have just begun their own big dream. Canadians Andrew Matheson and Alison Cornford-Matheson are the brains behind Cheeseweb.eu, a site dedicated to English-speaking expats living in Belgium. They recently decided to change their lives completely and travel the world in an RV with their 2 cats, Orange and Buddy. You can follow their planning and adventure at CamperCats.com as they march towards a 2016 departure date. They are also a great example of how our book, Dream Save Do, can help define and take the steps towards your own big life change as they are proof that it works.

We should also point out that we were able to interview them them in person at their beautiful home in Brussels as we sipped Belgian beers (tactfully removed for the pictures). Listen in as we dive head first into the minds of two dreamers.

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Many of us believe that happiness is a result of what happens to us each day and put a lot of the responsibility on outside forces. In this episode we confront this idea head-on and dispel these concepts in the process:

  • Equating happiness to what other people have in their lives
  • Waiting for things to be perfect to enjoy the life we have
  • Blaming others / taking responsibility for others

Along with our guest, Britt Reints, we discuss how to get more happiness in your life by choosing to focus on yourself more and realizing what makes you most happy. In the process you'll learn how to stop letting others determine/influence your emotions. In the process we'll provide you actions you can take now to start leading a happier life.

Our guest today began her own happiness journey after a diagnosis of depression and a concerted effort to blow up her marriage. Countless hours of therapy and a 10-month family road trip in an RV helped Britt Reints redefine happiness on her own terms. Now, she writes and speaks to others about how they, too, can become happier, more grateful, and more confident in their own abilities to figure out what works for them. You can find more about Britt and her new book, An Amateur's Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness, at InPursuitofHappiness.com.

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Let's face it, making friends as we get older is tough. Where do you find them? How do you strike up a random conversation that blossoms into a long-term friendship? Plus, with so little time available how do you keep up with those good friends you already have?

Going after any big goal requires the support of good friends to be your support system and route for you each step of the way. Today, we're talking about how to make and keep friends in the midst of a busy schedule.

We are delighted to be joined by Carlin Flora, the former features editor of Psychology Today and the author of the book, Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are. She's appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, CNN, and now on our show, An Action Plan for Dreamers, meaning she's totally made it. Carlin's book combines scientific rigor with warm human stories to show us the unexpected ways our friendships influence our lives. You can find out more about Carlin and her book at CarlinFlora.com.

Imagine if you were living the dream right now that you had when you were 13. A little scary, isn't it? We laugh at the thought of staying true to those dreams because it's silly in retrospect. But we don't give ourselves the same leeway when it comes to adjusting our adult dreams. Today's guest is going to share how his dreams have adjusted – or been adjusted for him – over time and how this has given him a better understanding of what he really wants in life. You'll love his story of reinvention and flexibility.

Joining us today is Srinivas Rao - an entrepreneur, surfer, dreamer, and founder of the popular podcast BlogcastFM. He is a man who defies labels and has charted his own path in life and business. Since starting BlogcastFM in February 2010, he’s interviewed nearly 400 bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs to assist others in starting an online business. His latest project is The Instigator Experience, a conference for agitators like himself. Find out more at theinstigatorexperience.com.

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Lots of people think minimalism and simplicity means giving everything up to live in a stark place. The vision is one of deprivation, and it’s part of the reason you might be reluctant to explore it. But simplicity really boils down to focus – focus on the kind of life you want to live and the possessions, activities, and relationships you need to make it happen.

When you know what you want, simplicity is the most direct path to get it. 

In today’s show, we’re discussing how to live a more simple life, no matter how many possessions you own. Simplicity is just another word for focus, and today’s expert is going to show us how to get more of it.

Courtney Carver started Be More with Less in 2010 to document how simplicity was changing her life. 18 months later she left a 15+ year career in advertising and marketing to focus on helping others live a simpler life and do work they love. She’s one of our favorite simplicity experts on the Internet, and today she’s going to share how simplicity can enhance your life (and explain why simplicity is probably not what you think it is).

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Today we’re sharing the fears, insecurities, and self-doubt we have when putting our words and ideas out into the world. We’re guessing you may have these as well as you work to create new projects, write that book, or start a company. You may hear those voices telling you – “It’s not good enough.” “No one is going to by this.” “Why are you wasting your time?”

In this episode we’re here to let you know You Are Not Alone. These anxieties are more common than you think and exist in authors, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to share new concepts with the world. The big surprise, it does not matter how often you do it, the voices just don’t shut up.

Our guest, Tim Grahl, is the founder of Out:think, a firm that works with authors to build their platform and sell more books, and is the author of Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book. He works with many of the top authors in the world, including Daniel Pink, Barbara Corcoran, and recent podcast guest Pam Slim, and has helped to launch multiple New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling books. Find out more about Tim at OutthinkGroup.com

Tim shares his recent experience as he shifted from talking about other people’s work and going out and writing his own. Tim documents his insecurities and worries in this fascinating journal he kept the last month before launch. It is a rare look behind the scenes at the thoughts many of us have but don’t share.

What is the secret to completing a big project? How do you move from concept to actually doing?

Today we're exploring how to get from the idea you have for something great to the actual process of making it happen. It is a challenge that so many people face that it has spawned entire industries and hundreds of books have been written on the subject. However, the answer is surprisingly simple and we reveal it all today in the show.

We are joined by the talented and always busy creating, John Lee Dumas. John is the host of Entrepreneur On Fire, where you can learn lessons from today's most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs every day of the week at EOFire.com. We were excited to be on his show a few weeks ago and loved his energy and thoughtful questions.

In today's podcast John provides his insights for taking that first step and we turn the tables on him to discover what he would create with only a week and $500. You don't want to miss the wisdom he shares.

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On this week's show we're talking all about freedom and how to create more of it to do the things you want most in your life. . The first step is to identify what you want freedom from, and for many of us it is the stuff filling every space in our homes.

Decluttering is more than simply going through a series of steps, we must first deal with that feeling of just not knowing where to start. The emotions of parting with items that mean something to you, as well as the logistics of how to sell and dispose of all that stuff. We tackle it all in the conversation and are excited as well to be offering a solution.

This week we are pleased to launch a new offering, Declutter Clinic, specifically designed to help you create the freedom you desire. This 4 week course provides a step-by-step plan to jumping in and decluttering your home and life. We're also sharing how we reached the point where we HAD to declutter as well as introduce you to others who have made big changes in their lives after removing the clutter. 

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What keeps you up at night with worry? How much do you alter your dreams to work around all those worries?

Today we're talking to you, the worry-worts. Those of us who let those nagging voices which simply won't stop reminding us of the things which concern or scare us. We're going to address them head on by sharing our own worries and how we have learned to tame them while living the lives we love.

In addition, we are pleased to be joined by Torre DeRoche, the author of Love with a Chance of Drowning. Torre shares how her won worries almost kept her from going after the biggest adventure of her life. You won't believe how much worry controlled her life or the crazy turns she encountered once she decided to say yes. Torre's story and message of moving beyond worry is a mix of harrowing tale and inspiring memoir. You won't want to miss her tips and suggestions for getting over being a worry wort.

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Have you toyed with the idea of starting your own business, but never moved forward due to doubt or uncertainty? Do you struggle to see yourself as an "entrepreneur"? Do you want to start something but have no idea what business to start? Today's show is all about you then.

We're diving into what it means to be an entrepreneur, the ways to get started small, and why you ARE the best person to start that business. Listen to hear how martial arts, Justin Bieber, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe can each provide motivation and actions to help you take the steps towards your dream business. We also dispel the myth of "overnight success".

We're honored to be joined on this episode by best-selling author Pamela Slim. You probably know her from the bestselling book and website, Escape from Cubicle Nation. She's coached thousands of budding entrepreneurs in businesses ranging from martial arts studios to software startups, and she's even worked her magic on gang members. If your dream is to go from employee to entrepreneur, this is the woman who can help you get there.

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Going after big goals in life is rarely without challenges. But the line between a challenge and an excuse can often be quite thin.

We all face different restrictions, challenges, or physical ailments which could make the ability to success more difficult...but not impossible. This episode we're talking about overcoming those obstacles and going forward in spite of the challenge. We'll introduce you to a few people who have overcome their obstacles to create the lives they crave.

Then, we're joined by author Josh Hinds who shares his own inspirational story. Josh has become a public speaker, a role he never thought possible given his battle with Tourette's Syndrome. However, with persistence and an action plan to success he has followed his passion and will share how he did it.

What is it you will do to live out loud?

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Why You Should Embrace the word NO (Podcast #19)

When was the last time you asked for what you wanted and heard "no" as the response? We believe that you are not asking for enough if you've not heard "no" at least once in the last week. A key to going after the life you want is getting out there and asking people who can help you in your effort. The bigger the need, the more you need to ask. The more you ask, and the bigger your requests, the chances are you are going to get some "no's".

Today we're talking about why you should strive to get more "no" responses, how this helps gets you closer to your dream, and how to leverage the "Art of the Ask" to create the life you crave. We're discussing failure, confidence, and the importance of persistence in your quest towards the goals you've established.

Today we're joined by author and entrepreneur Andrea Waltz. Andrea is the co-author of Go for No!: Yes is the Destination, No is How You  Get There.  She has made her mission to liberate people from fears of failure and rejection so they may achieve their goals and dreams. The philosophies have been embraced by people in virtually every business, industry, and group from entrepreneurs to executives.

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On your path to the life you crave you are likely to encounter unexpected surprises, events or calamities. Whether it be a volcano eruption, an unexpected job loss, or the illness of a family member life has a tendency to surprise us. Learning to respond to these situations with a level head and determined action can help to get you back on track faster and leap to help those who need it (including you).

Today we're talking about disasters - how to handle them when they occur and how to recover afterwards. It's a challenge to think about, but being prepared is key to moving through any sideways situation.

Direct download: Podcast_18-_Dealing_with_Disasters.mp3
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The greatest competitor you’ll ever come up against is self doubt. ~John McGrath

Do you dream of starting your own business? What's standing in the way? What's holding you back? Why do you continue to put off your vision until "some day", knowing it may never come?

Too often we let self doubt, excuses, and a lack of confidence keep us from creating the business we envision. We let the voice of fear creep up and stop us from moving forward. This week we talk about how to you will overcome your concerns by building a strong network of supporters, feeding your spark of an idea, and putting one foot in front of the other to make it a reality.

We're pleased to be joined again by the wonderful Corbett Barr, founder of Fizzle.co, a training forum for entrepreneurs with solid advice, high quality videos, and experienced teachers. He's back this week for part 2 of our interview where we share:

  • How to prepare to become an entrepreneur
  • When to hire people
  • Learn why Betsy compared Corbett to Magic Mike (include link to the post of Copyblogger)
  • How to "sell" your message with no sales pitch at all - building trust with your audience
  • And much more

Finally, this week you'll get (or have to, depending on your perspective) hear me sing a song from my childhood that continues to inspire my life today.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people cant.” - Anonymous

One of the most common dreams we hear is the desire to start a business. Many of you have a vision of working for yourself, building a thriving business you are passionate about, and sharing your creations with the world. However, so many people never take the first step towards the life they crave because of fear, self-doubt, and a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. In this episode we talk about how you can start your business small and deliver advice for overcoming the fear by giving you steps you can take.

We are pleased this week to have Corbett Barr drop by the podcast. You probably know him from the incredibly useful site, ThinkTraffic.net. We discuss why people put off their entrepreneurial dreams and how to start your business for as low as $250 and a few hours each week. Plus, learn the #1 question Corbett gets from potential entrepreneurs and how it can help you get started on your dream business today.

Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others. - Booker T. Washington

Bringing more interesting, supportive, and healthy people into your life is a key component as we go after our dreams. In this episode, we talk about how to connect and bring these people into your life and gain their support for the life you crave. During the conversation we share how we stay connected with our growing network in addition to constantly looking at how we can connect them to other people/opportunities.

We are honored to have Bob Burg join us to talk about success and the importance of shifting your focus from getting to giving. As you build your network think first about how you can help others and what you can provide to help their needs. This shift will greatly improve your relationships, grow your network, and provide you with greater happiness in your life. You can download the first chapter of Bob's book, The Go-Giver, at Burg.com. 

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Live a Fearless Life: Be Bold (Podcast #14 with Tess Marshall)

Going after any big change requires stepping outside your comfort zone and learning to be a bit bolder. However, bold is a word we throw around without truly understanding the definition. To us, being bold means realizing you are scared but moving forward anyways. In this way boldness is different for each of us and does not require comparing your life and bold living to anyone but yourself. We discuss how to live more boldly and share some of the future plans we're making that scare us.

In this episode, we're joined by Tess Marshall of The Bold Life. Tess shares her insights for living a fearless life based on her experience as a fear-shattering, risk taker, author, blogger and courage coach. Tess delivers practical advice and shares her open experiences in her personal quest to help you to "Be Bold". As you seek to become more bold as you go after the live you crave, check out Tess' e-course, "Take Your Fear and Shove It: A Step by Step guide to Be Bold, Play Big and Shine Bright".

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Life is Short. Live Your Dream.

Too often we talk about the importance of going after our dreams, but then say “now is not the time” or “I’ll get to that ‘some day’”. But what if you did not have the time? What if your opportunity to live your life to the fullest was limited? Would that change your decision and propel you into action?

Today we’re talking about taking stock of your life, realizing your mortality, and taking action NOW towards what you want most. It is more than simply talking about what you want, but clearly defining and making it a reality.

What happens when, at 18 years old, you are told you won’t live until 30? How would you respond? Patrick Mathieu shares his powerful story of how we chose to live his life more fully in light of terrifying news. Hear how it motivated him to connect more deeply with those around him and live a life without regrets.

You’ll discover lessons you can apply to ensure you are living the life you crave every day.

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Bonus: Betsy's Commencement Address to Dreamers

As a special bonus Betsy is giving her commencement address for the rest of us. With graduation season upon us she asks us all to reflect back on the dreams we had in youth and why we let them slip away. This is the speech to shake you out of your comfort zone, re-ignite the spark you had, and go after living your dream no matter your age. 

A transcription of this podcst can be found on the Married with Luggage website at http://www.marriedwithluggage.com/2013/05/30/advice-for-dreamers/.

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It doesn't matter who you are, you can always find someone who has it better off than you and someone who has it worse than you. Instead of bemoaning what other people have or feeling guilty when other people have it worse, it's time to plow forward into our challenges and make them work in our lives.

We discuss the idea of looking at adversity with a long-term view instead of focusing on the storm around you. Learning to adapt and finding people to support you in tough times are key to overcoming the challenges enroute to the life you crave. We also talk about the need to establish a future goal but not be married to the way you will achieve that goal.

We are excited to welcome Alex Lickerman to the show. In Alex's book, The Undefeated Mind, he argues that resilience isn’t something with which only a fortunate few of us have been born, but rather something we can all take action to develop. Alex shares with us his definition of victory and its relation to our happiness and the importance of setting expectations as we create the lives we crave. In addition, we talk about how to overcome setbacks through resiliency  determination, and surrounding yourself with great people (see a familiar theme?).

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Regardless of what your big dream may be, there is a very good chance you will need to save some money to make it a reality. As we talk about in our book, Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers, (you have picked up a copy already, right?) the first step in saving for your target is getting control of your current spending.

Betsy and I dive into the steps you can take to identify where to cut back on your spending as well as share a bit of our story and how we approached the tracking of expenses when we first started to save to live our dream. It does require you to make choices, but when you commit to a dream the choices become that much easier.

In addition we are pleased to be joined by Simon Fairbairn, the developer of Trail Wallet, an iPhone application designed to help you track all your expenses at the moment you are paying. Simon discusses his experience of tracking expenses and shares with us the background to creating this application. Simon and his partner, Erin, also run the extremely enlightening travel website, Never Ending Voyage.

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It is amazing to think what an impact our parents had on our desire to follow our dreams. In looking back at both our lives we can easily spot those lessons, instilled by our parents, which led us to following our dreams.

We dive into the impact that parents have on their children's desire to create the lives they create by going after their own. We are also joined by Ingrid Ricks, author of Hippie Boy, who shares how her children encouraged her to go after her dreams. Ingrid also shares how her decision to make her dream a reality has impacted her children. It is a compelling story for us all.

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Being brave does not require you to don tights and a cape (though if you do please send pictures). Instead, bravery is something we all possess when we step outside our comfort zones and push ourselves to try something new. In this podcast we talk about bravery how to give yourself permission to go after what you want most in life.

We are excited to be joined by best-selling author and superhero Chris Brogan.  We discuss the concept of “borrowing bravery” from those around us and learning to go forward in spite of our fears. Chris provides his insights into how Confidence, Acceptance, Permission and Execution (CAPE) can help move you to taking action towards your dreams.

Chris’ book, It’s Not About the Tights, provides insights into how you can be more brave in your life. When Chris is not out fighting crime in his mask and cape, he can be found online at ChrisBrogan.com.

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Challenge Your Assumptions

The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable." ~ Paul Broca

You are likely holding on to unproven assumptions that are standing in the way of living your dream life. Whether you want a promotion (but assume your boss does not understand your work), start a business (but assume it will take too much money), or become a writer (but are assuming no one will like your writing) you are lettings assumptions stand in the way of the life you crave.

In this week's episode we discuss the importance of challenging every assumption by asking questions and doing the research to find out the facts. We talk about the false ideas we had when we first chose to travel and how we overcame then.

In addition, we are joined by psychologist and coach Karen Sargent, who escaped the corporate world to live life on HER terms. She's written an ebook called The Art of Making Big Dreams Happen, which you can find on her website for free. Karen shares her insights and tips to help you challenge these assumptions and unlock the life you dream about.

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Today is our 9th wedding anniversary and Betsy and I are celebrating with a nice hike, some good food here in Guanajuato, Mexico, and a contract renewal. That's right we're spending some time, as we do every year, to discuss what has gone well in our relationship, what we'd like to see more of, and determining if we are ready to commit to another year. Listen as we discuss the process and provide advice and suggestions to use for your own annual renewal.

We are then joined on the show by Dr. Amy Johnson to discuss how to talk about challenging issues with your partner. We dive into the importance of open communication to create a healthier and happier relationship and how it all ties into to a regular renewal of your commitment to each other. [NOTE: the recording with Dr. Amy has a couple of points where the audio breaks up slightly and we've done our best to clean it up to ensure you can capture all her great advice.]

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Dealing with loss can be a devastating and overwhelming experience. In this episode we discuss the challenges dealing with the unexpected as we go for our dreams. Warren reveals the struggles of losing his father at a young age and how it instilled in him a mantra to "live life with no regrets". This episode confronts the reality we all face and how to cope with tragedy in our lives.

This week we are joined by Michelle Steinke from OneFitWidow.com. Michelle is a true inspiration to thousands and she shares a bit of her amazing story with us. After losing her husband in an airplane crash Michelle turned her attitude and fitness around in to a powerful story of triumph in the midst of terrible loss. She discusses how to focus on happiness each and every day and the importance of finding a healthier lifestyle in the process.

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Any effort to remove clutter can be sidetracked by our emotional attachment to items. We discuss how to overcome these challenges and get on track to removing the clutter from your home.

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When marching towards the life you crave you are going to encounter obstacles and roadblocks. In fact, you're probably going to find your first one about 3.2 seconds after you decide to go after your dream. The secret to success is knowing you will have obstacles and creating a plan to deal with them before they jump out in front of you. When you have  a plan in place, you'll continue moving forward toward your dream no matter what comes up, and that's the key to getting to the finish line.

This week we are joined by Dixie Gillaspie, author of the book, Just Blow it Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited LifeWe discuss how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that stand in the way of living the life you crave. You'll also learn the 4 questions to ask yourself when confronted with an obstacle.

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79% of people we surveyed told us that clarifying their dream was "very important" or "critically important" to their happiness. But how do you do it?

In this episode, we talk about the misconception of the "lightning bolt" moment when it all comes together. We go through our own "lightning bolt" moment when we decided to make our big life change and explain exactly how we created the perfect storm in the years prior to make it a possibility. These are the same things you can do every day to make your life open to this flash of insight.

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Do you feel like time is flying by? Neuroscientist David Eagelman says, "The more familiar the world becomes, the less information your brain writes down, and the more quickly time seems to pass." On this episode we show you how to savor time by trying new things.

We talk about the importance of trying new things in your life. We're joined by expert Emily Kaufman, 49before50.com, who discusses how she faces her fears and tries new experiences on a constant basis. We provide 3 tips for getting started today in your own life as you create the life you crave.

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Podcast #1 - Take the First Step

Warren and Betsy Talbot of Married with Luggage discuss why only 8% of people achieve the life of their dreams and what we can learn from them. They review the key components of a successful action plan to create the life you crave. They introduce themselves and provide insights into the mission for this podcast.

In addition they talk about the importance of quicklly taking the first step towards the life you want and why action beats out planning when it comes to achieving your dreams.

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