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I Married a Romance Writer (Episode #55 with Melissa and Les Foster)

Episode 55 comes to you from the Andalucia region of Spain.

We're talking about romance and writing this week. We share how we almost wrote our own romance novel, but decided instead to share our story. We give you a glimpse into our upcoming book (Married with Luggage: What We Learned About Love by Traveling the World) and how it came to be.

What would it be like to be married to a romance writer?

Today we get the scoop from a best-selling author and her husband. We're chatting with best-selling author Melissa Foster and her husband Les to learn how they bring romance from the pages of her books to their bedroom. Or is it the other way around? Find out more about Melissa's books at MelissaFoster.com.

We dive into this and more in this sexy episode.

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You love 'em and you hate 'em, sometimes in the very same moment. We all know opposites attract, but how do you keep it together when you're just so very different?

If you are a creative in love with a logical mind, or you can't understand why your mate doesn't see the world the way you do, then this episode is for you.

We're joined today by Corbett Barr and his wife Jessalyn Haggenjos. Corbett is the founder of Fizzle.co, one of the most successful online business training sites on the internet. Jessalyn is an accomplished artist who prefers a canvas to a spreadsheet. Discover more about her and her amazing art at haggenjos.com. They share their strategies for honoring each other's thinking patterns and working around the deficits. This is an honest conversation about a real relationship, and you'll love the insights they share about how they've learned to make it work better.

Episode 53 comes to you from chilly and beautiful Oslo, Norway. Today we’re talking about the power of questioning the norm. Prepare to be challenged.

In this episode we’re talking about changing our attitudes towards commonly accepted “truths” and dispelling the notion about what we “need” to be happy.

Robert Wall used to be a packrat before he discovered minimalism. He publishes the Untitled Minimalism website and podcast, which gives practical, solid advice to enable starving college students, middle class paper pushers, retired millionaires, and everybody in-between to accomplish extraordinary changes in their lives. You can find out more at UntitledMinimalism.com. His latest book is Escaping “GiftMas”: Getting Right-Side-Up About Gifts In An Upside-Down Holiday Culture.

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Today we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of this podcast. Episode 52 comes to you from the Andalucia region of Spain. Today we're talking being comfortable and proud of who you are.

In this episode we're diving inside all of us to talk about what makes us each beautiful. What is it in you that makes you a beautiful person and what do you have to offer the world. We challenge the notion that external beauty defines us and discuss how we can all feel more comfortable in our own skin and with the world around us.

We're honored to be joined this week by Denise Jolly, the co-host and facilitator of the Seattle Poetry Slam and Poetry Curator for The Round a live multidisciplinary collaborative arts show. Denise's latest project is Be Beautiful, where for 30 days she photographed her 311-pound self in a nearly naked state, often in public, and posted them on the internet.

To view the 30 days of pictures and watch clips of Denise's fantastic spoken word poetry, check out her website at www.denisejollyspoken.com.

If you've ever struggled with body issues or feelings of invisibility, today's conversation is for you.