If you’re so exhausted and overwhelmed by your status quo that you can’t even figure out a way to add GOOD things into your life, you need this weekly podcast. Hosts Betsy & Warren Talbot know how to remove what's not working so you can have more of what you love.

Imagine if we only had one chance in life to be happy or successful.

In our careers.

In our choice of friends.

Or in love.

What a very sad world it would be if we were all doomed to work in jobs we hated or to hang around people we no longer connect with. Worse yet, what if we lost our chance at love after the death of our partner?

Today's show is both happy and sad as we talk about second chances in life and love. Our guest knows more than most on the topic and we're pleased to have her back on the show to share big news in her life and how she has moved on from tragic loss to find love again. It's an inspiring story of moving forward, even when you think you can't, and what can result if you just keep on going.

For a bit of background, we recommend listening way back to episode #6 when we first met Michelle and heard about her the story of losing her husband.

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Do you find yourself saying "I'm too busy" whenever people ask how you are doing? Are you missing out on dates with your partner because life is getting in the way? Are you being intentional in how you approach your relationship?

Today's episode delves into what we can do to make our relationship the biggest priority in life. We tackle:

  • The importance of being intentional
  • How to stop the "glorification of busy"
  • Take the first step towards change

We also discuss how to improve your sex life and connection with your partner. This is a good one so let's dive in.

Treating your relationship like a lab rat isn't as weird as it sounds. You track what happens, learn from your mistakes, and improve over time. As nerdy as it sounds, you can improve your chances at love by paying attention to what you're doing right in the quest for love...and what you're doing wrong.

In today's episode, we start by revealing some of our more geeky relationship rules, lessons we've learned through trial and error:

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Episode 70 comes to you from the sunny Andalucia region of Spain. Today we’re talking about the 6-week Romance Experiment - what it is, how it worked, and how you can get in on the action.

What a fantastic adventure through Europe. For 6 weeks we traveled through Europe exploring romance in a variety of locations and ways to keep the spark alive in our relationship.

In this episode we share what we loved the most and how important this journey was to help us reconnect as partners. Plus, we introduce our Romance Bucket which you can use to inject a bit more romance in your relationships. You can download the list of 52 romantic ideas, one for each week of the year, by signing up to our newsletter list.

It's a fun show highlighting romantic adventures to help spark ideas to do with your mate. 


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Episode 69 was recorded in live on a farm in Belgium. Today we're talking to a couple who went from the city life to the farm life without ever having even owned a pet before.

Embarking on a big dream together requires a strong commitment to each other and a serious amount of communication. We're chatting about big life changes today and how one makes the leap from corporate life to stepping off the "standard path". It is a fun episode filled with cheese, and pigs, and baby goats...oh my. This is fun show for all of you who are dreaming of a new life or simply love the idea of going after something completely different. 


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