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The Secrets to a Happy Relationship (Episode #77 with Fawn Weaver)

What makes a happy relationship? In this episode we delve into this complex topic and provide practical ideas that we've used ourselves to create what we feel is a happy partnership. 

Plus, we're joined by author Fawn Weaver, who was unsatisfied with the boilerplate answers to happiness of "better communication" and "spend more time together". So, to find out the answer for herself, she traveled to 12 countries on 6 continents in search of happy wives and their secrets. She's here to discuss what she found and what the revealed in the NY Times bestseller, The Happy Wives Club.

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Is Middle-Aged Love Still Hot?  (Podcast #76: with author Jenna McCarthy)

In this episode we're challenging the myth that relationships (and sex) get dull the longer you are in them. As two middle-aged people ourselves (holy crap, when did that happen?) we dish on why we've never been more attracted to each other and what we do regularly to keep it fresh.

We're joined today by the hysterical and fantastic, Jenna McCarthy. She's back for her second appearance on the podcast. Remember back in episode #46 when she told us to treat our spouses like dogs? Yes, that’s good advice, and if you missed the show, go back and listen to what she means by that. She'll teach us all that relationships certainly don't need to get boring.

One sure-fire way to keep your relationship exciting is to try new things together. It can be as small as checking out a new ethnic restaurant in your city to going to rodeo clown school (Warren's secret desire). One way we challenged ourselves and each other recently was a trip to a naturist beach, a totally nude community near us here in Spain.

How many old-fashioned habits do you have in your relationship – things your parents or grandparents can relate to?

Probably not a lot. But today's guest has a story that will make you want to ask your Grandma for dating tips. This modern couple went old-school in just one way and it created a magical relationship.