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Encore episode #56 - When Your Dream Evolves

The Married with Luggage Podcast never takes a vacation. But Betsy and Warren do! Over the past few weeks we've highlighted a few of our most popular past episodes, and today is your last peek into the archive. (Well, unless you just go to our website or to iTunes and listen to them yourself.) This episode is all about buying a house in Spain: why we did it, what it means for our lifestyle, and how we feel about our evolving dream. This episode drained our servers a bit when it published, and we think you'll understand why. 

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Encore Podcast #105: I Wrote a Romance Novel

The Married with Luggage Podcast never takes a vacation. But Betsy and Warren do!

This month we're highlighting a few of our most popular past episodes, and today's is called 'I wrote a romance novel.' You know why? Because I did! If you're thinking of writing a book or any endeavor where you don't quite know all the steps, this episode will show you how we moved forward into this new genre with a lot of energy and not much else. And if you're interested in the romance books, you can check them out at BetsyTalbot.com/books. Now let's get started.

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How to get started on the impossible (Podcast #104 with Leigh Shulman)

How do you go after the impossible? How do you even get started? 

These are the questions we're tackling this week, and we know something about it. At one time we thought it would be impossible to save our marriage, travel around the world, or live in another country. However, we've successfully done all three and continue to reach for bigger and bigger experiences in our lives together.

Listen in as we discuss going after the impossible with our guest, Leigh Shulman, and provide practical advice to making the impossible possible.

We just completed a week-long digital fast - no Internet, no computers, no connectivity. It was a chance for us to disconnect from the devices that seem to rule our lives and reconnect with what we love most - each other.

In this week's episode we share why we did it, the challenges we faced (it turns out it's hard for us to disconnect) and what we gained from the experience.

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We've decided to follow our passion (pun intended) and embark on a completely new project. This episode we give you a behind the scene look into how a tiny idea grew from a conversation on a hike into a completely new endeavor for us.

We share why we're writing a romance novel. It's a fun conversation in which we reveal the project we've been working on the last few months and how we are enjoying this adventure into a new type of writing. Listen in as Betsy shares what it was like to write her first sex scene and Warren auditions to be a character in her next book.

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Starting something big is a time filled with excitement, fear, joy, fun, and endless possibilities. We're talking about the moment when you commit to a big life change (going after a big dream) and the emotions and considerations that go into it.

To help us explore this subject, we're joined on the show by a couple who have just begun their own big dream. Canadians Andrew Matheson and Alison Cornford-Matheson are the brains behind Cheeseweb.eu, a site dedicated to English-speaking expats living in Belgium. They recently decided to change their lives completely and travel the world in an RV with their 2 cats, Orange and Buddy. You can follow their planning and adventure at CamperCats.com as they march towards a 2016 departure date. They are also a great example of how our book, Dream Save Do, can help define and take the steps towards your own big life change as they are proof that it works.

We should also point out that we were able to interview them them in person at their beautiful home in Brussels as we sipped Belgian beers (tactfully removed for the pictures). Listen in as we dive head first into the minds of two dreamers.

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Do you feel like time is flying by? Neuroscientist David Eagelman says, "The more familiar the world becomes, the less information your brain writes down, and the more quickly time seems to pass." On this episode we show you how to savor time by trying new things.

We talk about the importance of trying new things in your life. We're joined by expert Emily Kaufman, 49before50.com, who discusses how she faces her fears and tries new experiences on a constant basis. We provide 3 tips for getting started today in your own life as you create the life you crave.

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